Anonymouse art for sale

Yorkshire artist Anonymouse is a painter, sculptor and carpenter working from his studio in the East Riding of Yorkshire. Born in the 1970s he has lived through 5 decades of social, economic and political change. 

Professionally trained in the area of mental health; he has 25 years’ experience of acute psychiatry. This has afforded him an extensive insight into the human condition and a made him an advocate for the underdog. Though out his life he has always produced pieces of art work on commission for individuals and institutions thatappreciate his unique take on the world we live in today. 

The Anonymouse tag evolved from earlier works of taxidermyincluding a collection called Weapons of Mouse Destruction, WMD. These pieces were an anthropomorphic comment on modern Britain.  His work is darkly comic and highlights the perils we encounter in our everyday struggles to prevail. It is constantly evolving in response to the charging social and political climate but one constant holds firm: he knows his work is ‘NOT EVEYONE’S CUP OF TEA.’