Dante Arcade

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Dante Arcade (1982) Spain, Murcia, San Javier. Now based in Barcelona.

Dante met the world of graffiti being a child through urban culture in the middle of the 90 in his natal coastal town, San Javier (Murcia), in the south eastern Spain. He continued making his way through different parths and feeding himself from different sources, outside and within this culture. Today, its main influencences have their origin in the 80s with the New Wave, the Menphis design movement and the golden age of the Arcade video games. These years were known for crazy patterns, vibrant colors and feathered hairstyles. That time had such a distinctive style that the sole mention of “the esthetic of the 80s”, specific images come to mind. The esthetic was so influential that it continues inspiring him today in his artworks. His artwork not only feeds on what is vintage and nostalgic, like american comics. But also on what is most modern and current, such as cyberart or Vaporware, the digital subculture grown in the codes of the internet and everything related to space.

We are proved to show you Dante Arcade art to all you artlovers – this is a coming star on the graffiti and street art sceen.