Jared “Jestr” Pereira | Available art for sale

Professional Profile
Self taught artist focusing on graffiti and painting mediums. I have great experience working in teams on a wide variety of projects. From high-end commercial productions as a lead artist, to coordinating workshops and exhibitions for the public and other artists, I focus on professionalism and tenacity to ensure the best results for the project. I strive to always be in a state of learning and keen observation, especially when working with others. I specialise in large-scale painting, particularly in pressure-based mediums. I am particularly passionate about transforming urban facades/ spaces into artworks, there by turning public spaces into galleries where anyone is free to access art in their daily lives and are encouraged to engage their surroundings. I have been producing works like this for over 14 years, in a variety of contexts, and have great experience when it comes to engaging within the public realm to produce these works. I have experience in running retail operations in and outside of the art industry, through which I learnt to effectively manage teams and perform under pressure to exceed the desired outcomes. I am an optimistic person who focuses on gaining positives in any situation, and I strive to see the best in others and encourage those qualities.

Artistic Interests
I’m predominantly interested in self-developed arts and styles that are focused in public space, and how this can impact change on the viewers and the space itself over time. I’m also interested in art
as a personal journey and as a useful, progressive means of appreciating life. Developing yourself as an artist and developing works within public space allows for a more candid reflection of one to the
other, giving the artist reference and inspiration which is direct, and the public and space becomes a place for honest dialogue through art. I’m interested in producing authentic art experiences (for
myself and others), where viewers are left with lasting and impacting impressions. I’m also interested in art forms that are accessible to anyone from any background, regardless of financial or
social status. I’m producing works like this, large and small, on a consistent basis. I have a focus on painting as a discipline in my personal practice, as well as painting artwork-specific
sites. In my studio paintings, I paint predominantly on found objects to echo the “site as much the artwork” sentiment I employ in public painting; although recently I have started exploring more
conceptual studio works and different printing mediums too. I’m also interested in the power of objects and how this power translates depending on the context of the object.
Graffiti is a community-based artform, both in the way it operates amongst its practitioners and in the way the artform manifests in public space and broader communities. Therefore, it has a power
through which it can tackle problems and underlying issues and be directly in contact with people who are affected by them. Research is conducted by physically going into communities and engaging
with them through producing graffiti art (either solo or with other local graffiti artists) in their spaces and documenting it. Through doing so, topics are aired/discovered and then explored further
through studio works. I like to conduct research that explores how spaces are impacted by this, and how actively engaging with the spaces can change how people perceive and engage with each other.
I’m also interested in how new and unique heritages/ cultural practices are formed through migratory settlers populating foreign lands, particularly in youth groups.