Michiel Folkers

Michiel Folkers art for sale

Michiel Folkers is a mixed media artist living and working in Amsterdam. His work is spread all over the world and he exhibits in galleries from Zurich to New York. He is best known for his layered paintings, large canvases in which he combines colourful street posters with aerosol and acrylic paint. He “picks” and collects these street posters for each individual artwork himself and uses them as the basis for all his pieces. On top of these layers he paints, screen prints or pastes recognizable themes (often still digitally edited) like that of cartoons or celebs, but he also regularly goes the abstract way. It is important that the background does not disappear, but rather becomes entangled in the subject. Each piece is unique and looks like a piece of street wall that you definitely want to hang in your house.