Young artist – and the next STAR! Nico made some super cool original artworks – and now we have a two print aswell…

Nico Hagémann

Nico is born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark, and knew how to use a pencil before he learnt how to walk.

He’s well known for eye-catching pieces and a crazy love of detail.

His work is rooted in graffiti, but from the beginning he has always explored other disciplines like croquis, Art Nouveau, classic fine art, anatomical drawing and surrealism, to refine his own mix of art.

Nico’s inspiration is based on a very different  – and troubled – upbringing, forcing him to find beauty in the most unexpected places. And to find light in chaos, using his extraordinary skills for mixing traditional craftsmanship with unexpected methods and materials.

Life hands him the tools to visualize his thoughts and impressions, and he translates those impressions into visible form.