LUAP, Williams-Bear-G, 56 x 76 cm,


Acrylic & Screen Print on Somerset White Satin Paper

Various Coloured Backgrounds

56cm x 76cm


‘The Journey’ is a unique series of 30 + 3 Artist Proofs on heavy grade Somerset white satin paper. Each piece is hand painted using different colours and mixed techniques creating a personal feel and character to each work. It is as if each piece represents a different possible path for the subject.

The work is finished with a screen print depicting the pink bear walking along a deserted road, unknowing yet confident in the voyage ahead.

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“The Journey” in black and white sold at Christie´s for £3000 and was exhibited with Banksy… just saying! 


Acrylic & Screen Print on Somerset White Satin Paper

56cm x 76cm

Pink Bear

‘The Pink Bear’ has transformed a distant childhood memory of mine. The bear is no longer a mascot for a theme park or TV show but becomes a mystical figure of a fantasy make believe world. The Pink Bear is not a man in a costume, it is an alter ego. The costume dressed figure is the transformation between reality and make believe, innocence and corruption. The pink bear has a whimsical sense of playfulness through its association with childhood memories, yet remains firmly attached to adulthood through the tainted surfaces that surround the character in the abstract spaces of the art works.

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