RAUL33 art for sale

Gesture is the key element of Raul’s works.Instinct, speed, color, emotional dirtying, passionate streaks, hugs of the brushstrokes. Everything matches with gesture which gets always immediate, hot, sudden. The vision of this young artist from Pescara is pervaded by a variety of sensations which stretch the brain with a pincer, give gooseflesh with a shake, let swell with a cold shower and reflect the idea of infinite emerging from the encounter with the other and his face. Raul paints with a primitive speed since his painting is a way to materialize an emotion. So his faces belong to people he meets in his travels, the streaks are the streets he walks, the marker strokes are thoughts taking a place without support. Then, that visceral connection with music, that is all, wraps him, it’s everywhere. Born in Pescara (1980) Raul lives and works between USA and Europe. He travels the world, studing different cultures at the constant research of symbolic languages, energy and meanings, that he transmit to his public through his art. He begins to develop his passion for art, painting on any material he finds in his innumerable travel. From walls to paper, from glass to plastic, from newspaper to lined notebook used in schools, anything is possible for Raul if the surface permits it. His exhibits are numerous in Italy and abroad